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Kangaroo Detection


Start, Monitor Only

Deterrents On

Deterrents Off

Thunder Storm

E Fence Off

Deterrents On

Camera footage is analysed by the machine vision software at a rate of once per second. Each frame that contains a kangaroo is shown on the user interface. 

A box is placed around the kangaroo and number between 0 and 1 placed next to the label to indicate the level of certainty that it is a kangaroo. 0 indicates no certainty and 1 indicates 100% certainty.

Any kangaroo that rates with a certainty of greater than 0.6 activates the deterrent system and is shaded red.

The data below is derived from an efficacy trial conducted on approxiamately 2 ha of barley.

Kangaroos shown inside the green boxes have been counted over the period of an evening and the data plotted below.

Deterrents were not switched on for the first day of the trial to establish the starting kangaroo activity. After running both detection then deter for eight days the deterrents were switched off, to determine the kangaroo pressure on the crop.

After 9 days of monitoring the deterrents are switched back on.

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