Automated Animal Monitoring & Management




Vigilance Technologies offers a complete design service to ensure cost effective monitoring and control of all farm and wild animal species.


Animal activity data along with a detailed history of species and location can be downloaded from the online server.

Strategic deployment decisions can be made based on data.


Deterrents are available to intercept animals in the air, land or sea. Using automatically guided drone systems or static deterrents activated when the target animal is detected.



John Muehlebach

Vigilance Technologies Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2002 manufacturing the world's first bird detecting radar, developed by the company's founder, John Muehlebach. The radar-based bird detection system is still available for situations where the species and their exact location is not required.

Through collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and AgriFutures Australia, a new detection system has been developed based on machine vision. The new system can determine the position of an animal within a video frame regardless of whether it is stationary or moving. Species can also be identified and counted. 

Kangaroo detection 



Control of waterfowl near poultry sheds

Monitoring of wetlands

Demonstration of Waterfowl detection at a poultry farm


Waterfowl Deterrence

EGGSTRA! Article

(June 2018)




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